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About Us

Catalyst: Igniting Artistic Potential Across Continents.

Learn more about Catalyst, our core values, story, and who we are.


Our Story

The Spark of Inspiration

It all began with a transformative journey to Senegal, West Africa. Witnessing firsthand the raw talent of local artists, struggling to make ends meet in the sweltering heat, we were moved beyond words. Their art, vibrant and pulsating with life, deserved a global audience, yet remained hidden in plain sight. This stark contrast between talent and opportunity sparked a realization: we had a mission to fulfill.

Catalyst is Born

From this epiphany, Catalyst was born. Our name symbolizes our role: to be agents of change, igniting opportunities where they are most needed. Like a chemical reaction that accelerates without altering its essence, we sought to amplify the voices of these artists without changing their authentic stories.

First Steps and Early Challenges

Our initial steps were humble yet determined. In Richmond, Virginia, we laid the foundation for what would become a bridge between continents. Organizing our first exhibit was a challenge, but the 50-65 attendees who graced the event saw not just art, but a vision taking shape.

Growing Impact and Expanding Reach

As Catalyst grew, so did our impact. Our second event doubled in attendance and revenue, a clear indication that our message was resonating. The highlight was the charity auction – a vibrant celebration of art and generosity that raised over 1,000,000 CFA for Senegalese artists.

A Platform for Local and Global Talent

Catalyst is not just about showcasing art; it's about creating a platform where local and international artists converge. From photography to sculpture, film to spoken word, our exhibits are kaleidoscopes of creativity. Each piece tells a story, each artist shares a dream.

The Road Ahead

Today, Catalyst stands at a thrilling crossroads. With plans to expand beyond Richmond, we envision a future where our exhibits grace multiple states and countries. Our journey has just begun, and the path ahead is as vibrant and promising as the art we cherish.

Join Us on This Journey

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey. As Catalyst continues to grow, each exhibition, each piece of art, and each story shared becomes a testament to the power of art in connecting hearts and bridging worlds.

Meet The Team

Our Core Values

At Catalyst, our core values are what drive us forward to do the work that we believe will create impact for the world.


At Catalyst, empowerment is at the core of what we do. We believe in empowering artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and by ensuring they receive the recognition and financial support they deserve.


Implementation: This value is reflected in our commitment to offering proceeds directly to the artists and in our efforts to provide less fortunate artists in Senegal with the resources they need to thrive.


Impact: Empowerment leads to a sustainable artistic community where artists are motivated to continue their craft, knowing they have a supportive network behind them.

Cultural Exchange

Cultural exchange is pivotal to our mission at Catalyst. We aim to bridge the gap between local and international art communities, creating a global dialogue through art.


Implementation: We facilitate this exchange by showcasing a diverse range of artworks from different cultures, especially focusing on the rich and vibrant art scene of Senegal.


Impact: Through cultural exchange, we not only enrich the artistic experience of our audience but also foster mutual understanding and appreciation among diverse communities.

Support for Underrepresented Artists

Catalyst is dedicated to supporting underrepresented artists, particularly those in Senegal who lack the platform to exhibit their work on a global stage.


Implementation: We actively seek out and showcase the work of these artists, ensuring they are given the spotlight they deserve. Our charity auctions are a testament to this commitment, where we raise funds specifically for these artists.


Impact: This support not only aids the artists financially but also helps in bringing their unique perspectives and stories to a wider audience, enhancing the diversity of the art world.

Growth and Expansion

Community and Collaboration

We are committed to the continuous growth and expansion of Catalyst, not just in terms of geography but also in the scope of our impact.


Implementation: This involves broadening our reach beyond Richmond, Virginia, planning for international exhibitions, and increasing the variety of art forms and events we showcase.


Impact: Growth and expansion allow us to provide more opportunities for artists and to engage with a larger audience, ultimately leading to a greater cumulative impact.

Building a strong, supportive community and fostering collaboration among artists, patrons, and art enthusiasts is a cornerstone of our philosophy.


Implementation: We encourage community engagement through events, workshops, and social media platforms, creating spaces for dialogue and collaboration.


Impact: A strong community enhances the resilience and vibrancy of the art world, creating a network of support and inspiration that benefits all stakeholders.

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